Bikini Babe Calendar Photoshoot Car Show 6-12-04

The 2005 Bikini Calendar went on sale on September 1, 2004 and sold out almost immediately! Then word really got out. Traffic to these bikini babe Ferrari photos has been overwhelming! You crashed our server for 2 weeks and sent us running for 10 times more bandwidth. So now we're back, and happy to give you all of our incredibly hot photos. We'll even give you the 12 best bikini babe car photos that made the 2005 Ferrari Club of Las Vegas Bikini Babe Calendar™ in a super hi-resolution image suitable for printing - but please!

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Photo Credits

Gallery 1 Courtesy of © Greg Randles 2004

Gallery 2 Courtesy of © Sports Imaging 2004

Gallery 3 Courtesy of © "Lala" Imre Olajos

Gallery 4 Courtesy of © James E.

Gallery 5 Courtesy of © Greg Randles 2004



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Copyright 2004 Greg Randles Photography
Copyright 2004 Sports Imaging Photography

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